The Truth About Reaching the Top Spot on Google

Do you need to aim for the top spot on Google?

Do you need to aim for the top spot on Google?

Know Realistic Goals You don’t really aim to be on page one of Google for certain search phrases concerning your business. What you want is to bring more people to your site or your sales funnel that will enhance your chance of success. You do not seriously concern yourself about your Google position, and you do not really worry about how many sales you generate — they both come once you have attracted visitors. You are concerned only about the percentage change in quality traffic and not visitors from Spain when your service is in Australia— which is ultimately useless traffic.

Hence the primary metric you want to negotiate is quantity and/or percentage increase in targeted traffic.

Defining Your Target Audience

Need for Personal Case Targeting No service provider can bring you quality traffic without asking about your client’s persona at some point in their process of doing so. And that is where the personal case of targeting the ideal prospect comes in handy, such as the police shows where the profiler helped catch suspects by identifying behavioral patterns.

For instance, the property owner is an obvious target for a construction or renovation company in certain geographical areas. And to further illustrate, you would narrow that and say targeted only to active property owners as tenants rarely foot the bill for construction. But then on the other hand, if the goal is to find land development prospects, you would target recent land purchasers.

Does your provider, therefore, understand the persona of your prospect?

Applying the Persona Effectively


When and How to Apply the Persona

I remember a movie line that stuck: “When your Uber driver talks about a winning stock, it’s already too late!” If you understand and apply the essence of that line, you make a huge difference.

Let’s try with the example of a construction company. For example, by analysing the American market, you could get: What I see from this table and further analysis (not shown here, but you could ask your SEO expert to show you) is that the search volume for some terms is genuinely contested and drives the CPC over $2.

If customers are converted at this price, it’s profitable, right? But guess what? Most of the searches in that table are not made in the USA; they are made from service-providing or anything but land-owning countries. As such, many service-providing companies pay for clicks from Bangladesh visitors pretending to be in the USA to make the conversions, contacting every business that shows an AD.

Now, if they manage to get a few quotes this way monthly, they might think they are doing well and continue. To me, this looks very much like a famous Warren Buffet quote: “The first rule of business is never lose money. The second rule is never forget the first rule!” Everyone has its way of doing business.

An Alternative Approach to Define the Persona Let’s consider another approach where a service provider defines your persona well. I wouldn’t do it today, but the first criterion, as mentioned, is owning land. To make sure we don’t miss anyone, we might also look at those wanting to buy land.

Just googling “land for sale,” you’ll see: It’s interesting how 95% of those searching are from the USA, and even the results on the first page are properties sales sites, even those that come up sponsored. The CPC here is $0.2, which is just 10% of the previous example. Going ahead, now, the FAQs related to this keyword reveal 699 types of queries. For many of these questions, the competition is quite manageable, and with a little digging, I found incredible opportunities.

To better understand the idea, let’s imagine a prospect is an apple. Here are two approaches to getting the apple:


You can choose to join the crowd and fight for your share. Believe me, many will continue to do this even after reading this article! Good news for you 😉 

Finding Quality Leads in a Competitive Market

Conclusion: Finding Quality Leads in a Competitive Market It begins with a highly competitive field, where just a quick analysis could help you identify quality leads without the huge budgets some companies invest. Frankly, a well-organized startup would outperform the giants in the industry if they continued on the actual path.

These big companies remind me of a sick person consulting a pharmacist because they’ve seen so many prescriptions that they know what to prescribe. Again, the idea is not to make less of pharmacists, but if the doctors studied for years, there has to be a reason. In similar fashion, these companies sometimes hire big agencies for their SEO, but these agencies may be only services of a pharmaceutical level.

The Risks of Chasing the Top Spot on Google


The Allure of the First Page

The Google First Page Grail! Isn’t it a wonderful thing to just google a targeted keyword and see your site at the first results, particularly in the first results organically, without sponsorship? The phone starts to ring all the time.

You hire agents to receive the calls, salesmen to close the new contracts, workers and engineers for new projects, you sign long-term contracts, and get loans for new vans to expand your fleet.

But the thing is, only 1% of the visitors that find you at the top actually makes the call, and the other 99% leave and continue their search. Some might say that they are happy with that 1%, but what about Google?

The Dangers of Poor User Engagement

The First Page on Google Can Prove Lethal! For Google, the quality of search results is a matter of survival. The more relevant results they provide, the more people use Google, the longer it survives. A site where 99% of the visitors leave in a fraction of a second can’t mean good relevance to that search. 

If you’re lucky, that might only put you in the 17th position after the next update. But, for the first page results, Google might even ask itself how such a poor site has made its way to the top pages! If your provider has faked around with fire, the outcome might be that you totally disappear from Google’s results, including search, maps, and their partners!

Finding the Right SEO Partner

Spotting the Real Deal

The Good News: You are in the right place Some of the SEO “pharmacists” will read articles like this and will make sure they tick the credibility boxes before making the proposal. This is for many professionals who want more visibility and it just highlights that it is very important to choose their SEO provider very carefully. Many times some “pharmacists” are priced higher than “doctors.” So for many of you, the price isn’t important as long as there is ROI. And, of course, I will not disclose everything as some steps can be risky if handled by “pharmacists.”

Trust in your entrepreneurial instincts to spot the real deal.

The PulseWeaver Approach

Where to start? After years of experience, successes, and learning from our failures, we developed our rules and strategies in a given sequence and speed. Once implemented on a site, its ascent becomes more and more apparent.

Most of the time, the clients are receiving the advice and the warnings from us to take the right move to support their growth. Some have even visually dominated half the first page for highly competitive searches – what we refer to as getting a “Rolls Royce” from Google. From there, it’s about proving to Google that it made the right choice by minimizing bounce rates. Stay on top of trends, and your “Rolls Royce” will keep parked without needing sponsorship.

Combining Expertise and Technology


Hybrid SEO: Domain Expertise and AI Power Thanks to AI development, we’ve automated many processes and created personalized mini-agencies for each user. PulseWeaver offers a $200 analysis for new clients, assessing your current situation, target prospects, competitors, opportunities, social media, etc. We then provide a report with crucial data and an action plan that PulseWeaver can manage. Depending on the case, we offer rapid-action advice and reasons, which your team can execute or consult our tech team for support.

Why Choose PulseWeaver?

Why PulseWeaver Matters for Any Business Sometimes a doctor might recommend surgery immediately. But good medical sources might suggest a blood test first to rule out other issues. With PulseWeaver’s initial free analysis, you’ll know if the approach suggested is right or if it’s overkill. Six months of PulseWeaver’s most expensive package can cost less than several flyer campaigns! Yes, some still do that, thankfully 😉 PulseWeaver is built on a long-term development plan based on client partnerships.

The more engaged and satisfied our clients are, the more we grow together. That’s why we go all out to help you succeed.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose PulseWeaver (Yet)

If you’re not confident in the quality of your service or products and risk leaving your customers unsatisfied, it’s best to postpone reaching out to PulseWeaver or any web visibility solution until you’re ready. Partnering with PulseWeaver when you’re not fully prepared is like hitting the accelerator on your own failure.

PulseWeaver’s purpose is to help people find and see you online, but if you end up generating negative reviews and testimonials due to poor quality or service, it can quickly spell the end for your business. It’s crucial to be aware of the importance of delivering on your promises to customers.

If you can’t consistently provide what you say you can, it’s better to stay under the radar until you’re capable of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Rushing into a partnership with PulseWeaver or any other web visibility solution without being fully prepared can do more harm than good.

At PulseWeaver, we prioritize quality service and focus our efforts on bringing intentional visitors that match your target persona. However, it’s up to you to deliver a high-quality service or product that will lead to positive reviews and long-term success. If you’re not quite there yet, it’s okay to wait until you are.

We want to be the kind of company that Google and other search engines trust, favoring sites with our label. But to achieve this, we must work with clients who are ready to provide exceptional value to their customers. When you’re confident in your ability to deliver, we’ll be here to help you rise to the top and stay there.

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For information, click here to see how much better we can make your SEO campaign. Or you could always Google” how to get on the first page of Google” and find lots of” pharmacists” to choose from; you might even find some dressed up as” doctors.” 😉

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your comments, feedback, or questions below.

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